Accounting Firms in Ukraine

Ukrainian accounting firms are divided into two groups – local and international.

You can expect from a serious local accounting firm to perform the following tasks:

– take over the accounting work-flows of a freshly registered or already operating Ukrainian company or a private entrepreneurship;
– calculate the taxes and submit the respective reports to the local tax and social security authorities;
– pay the taxes through the online banking program of your company;
– prepare the audit reports according to the Ukrainian Accounting Standards (UAS).

An international accounting firm would be able to perform the following tasks (in addition to those of a local firm):

– monthly inner-corporate reporting to the parent company;
– “translation” of the UAS into IFRS and/or US GAAP.

We at Lobusch Consulting are an international accounting and auditing firm. You would choose us if you need a complex approach to all legal, tax and accounting matters of your company. In case you need an urgent intervention associated with the management and accounting of your Ukrainian company please be sure to contact us immediately.

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Please ask us for advice before taking any action. You can do it here, right after this post. We are always happy to help.

Sincerely yours,
Alexei Sandakov
CEO, Lobusch Consulting


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