Ukrainian Private Entrepreneurship

Private entrepreneurship is the simplest Ukrainian legal form, best for those business which scale is rather small.

There is no obligation for constituent documents or charter capital. Individuals practicing private entrepreneurship have the right to work without a company seal, do not have to open a bank account. Financial statements are very simple and are submitted quarterly with the tax authorities, which can be very well made without any help of an accountant.

One of the main benefits of the private entrepreneurship is the ability to carry out activities under the simplified taxation system. With this tax system there is a limit of 500 000 Ukrainian Hryvnia, and the maximum number of employees is up to 10.

The procedure for registration of the private entrepreneurship is much faster than that of a legal entity (such as the LLC). Registration is carried out at the place of residence.

This legal form DOES NOT allow non-Ukrainians obtain the Ukrainian Work Permit.

Should you choose to register your Ukrainian Private Entrepreneurship, push this button:

Register your Ukrainian Private Etnrepreneurship

Please ask us for advice before taking any action. You can do it here, right after this post. We are always happy to help.

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One Thought on “Ukrainian Private Entrepreneurship

  1. Mark Michael Garrow on September 26, 2014 at 10:05 said:

    I have been thinking of going to Ukraine to start my own business as an entrepreneur (independent English teacher). I am officially retired here in the United States and in two months I will be sixty-five years old and on social security. I can cover my basic living expenses in Ukraine with the income I receive from my American social security, but I would still like to continue my online tutoring business in Ukraine. Do you see any legal problems in doing this? I need to spend at least six months to a year studying Ukrainian and Russian. If I enroll in a Ukrainian University as a student in a propaedeutic course in Ukrainian, this could jeopardize my legal status since students are not allowed to work. I guess the best way to study Ukrainian and Russian would be with a private tutor, rather than through a school. What do you think?
    My linguistic skills are very extensive. I have a BA in German and an MA in Theology. I worked for various public and private adult schools in California and Texas and was certified to teach in five area.

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