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Another form of making business in Ukraine is the state registration of a natural (private) person as the private entrepreneur. In fact, rights of private entrepreneurs in Ukraine are almost the same as the rights of corporate entities, with some tax benefits and disadvantages in comparison with corporate entities.



We take all steps needed to register your Private Entrepreneurship in one to two weeks upon the date the required documents are handed over to us. The fixed price package for the registration is 560,- . This includes drafting all required documents bilingually, filing them with the respective state authorities, opening bank account and all notary actions. There will be neither hidden costs, nor hourly rates or surprising taxes etc. Consultations associated with the registration of your Ukrainian company are all included into the price.


Since Janurary 2012, there are four types of taxations foreseen for private entrepreneurs depending on type of activity. Please contact us for a free consultation on this.


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