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Hello and welcome! On this page you can learn how to

Register Ukrainian Representative Office of your home company.

Registration of the Ukrainian Representative Office takes up to two months upon the date all required documents are delivered in Kyiv. The fixed price package for the registration is 540.00 EURO. We guarantee success and fixed pricing. The fee does not include the state fee of 2500,- USD which is paid to the Ukrainian Ministry of  Economics directly.

The price includes all services required for the registration of the RepOffice:
1. All translation, legal, notary and registration work;
2. Preparing Power of Attorney in English for the RepOffice start;
3. Registration of Employees with the Ministry of Economics;
4. Free advice associated with the Company Formation Service;
5. Bank account with electronic banking.

See our 7-step interactive Representative Office registration procedure:


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Need more info? Read more about why you should choose the LLC or RepOffice in our blog. The article shows the advantages and disadvantages of both legal forms.

*We guarantee success and the lowest fixed pricing at the market for these services.

For other legal forms of incorporation get back to our Company Formation Page.

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