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A Joint Stock Company under the laws of Ukraine has the status of a separate legal entity. This is a common option for banks and large scale businesses. According to the Ukrainian JSC Law, all JSC’s shall be established as either “public” or “private”.

Public JSC’s shares are traded publicly and on the stock market. This legal form is recommended for businesses intending to collect substantial capital by a public emission. The majority stake in a Public Joint-Stock Company is granted by 75%+1 share.

Private JSC’s shares can be traded only by its shareholders. This legal form is commonly chosen for the cases of financing by shareholders.


Your Joint Stock Company is duly registered one to two months upon the date the required documents are handed over to us. The fixed price package for the registration is 2.850,- € for the Public JSC and 1.920,- € for the Private JSC. This includes drafting all required documents bilingually, filing them with the respective state authorities, opening a bank account and all notary actions. There will be neither hidden costs nor hourly rates, surprising taxes etc. Consultations associated with the registration of your Ukrainian company are all included into the price.


GENERAL INFORMATION on the Ukrainian Joint Stock Company:

Shareholder Structure

The number of shareholders may be 2 and more. The existing shareholders might have a pre-emptive right to purchase another’s shareholder’s shares if the charter document state that. The general shareholders’ meeting, the executive board, consisting of at least one director, and the audit committee are mandatory for a Ukrainian Limited Liability Company. Shares must be registered with the State Securities and Stock Market Commission.


The minimum seize of the charter capital of a Ukrainian Joint Stock Company is is appr. 113.000,- €.


21% on profit, which is gradually reduced to 19% on January 1, 2013 and to 16% on January 1, 2014. Value Added Tax is 20%. Please see our taxation basics for Ukraine.

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