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Legal Address / Virtual Office of your Ukrainian Company

This is where you can order Ukrainian legal address for your future company. You might also need a nominee Director service who would cover this role until you get your Work Permit.

In case you do not plan to rent an office before your company has been registered, you are going to need a legal address on the territory of Ukraine. Reasons are that the Local District Registration Authority is going to ask for it and the Ukrainian Tax Authority is going to send you confirmation letters in order to check if the company still exists. The Legal Address is in fact a rent agreement between your Ukrainian company and a house lord proving your company has enough office space to work.

The service also includes taking care of all correspondence that might reach your company from the Ukrainian authorities.

Do you need a LEGAL ADDRESS in Ukraine? Need to know more about it? Let's schedule a phone/skype conference for initial free advisory to examine your options.

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