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This page is a key of how to obtain

Ukrainian Work Permit

Plan to work in a Ukrainian company or become a director of a Ukrainian comapany?  You'll need to get an official permit for that.

SET UP YOUR UKRAINIAN COMPANY - see how we register your  Ukrainian company remotely.

STEP 2. Apply for the Work Permit - these are the valid docs to apply:
1. Copy of the Diploma,
2.  Medical health certificate (apostilled original)- a document issued by a medical institution that person is not ill,
3. Police record certificate.
All docs have to bear an apostille.


We will obtain your Work Permit with 100% success guarantee for 1150,- USD, all included.

Need more info? Let's schedule a phone/skype conference for initial free advisory to examine your options.Please let us know your landline number or viber, we'll get back to you soon enough.

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